The Polar Express at THE POLAR EXPRESS at Wensleydale Railway

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  • Is Wensleydale Polar Express the same as Weardale?

    No! For 2019 Wensleydale has secured the licence with PNP Events, (the organisers behind the award winning Polar Express in Telford), to stage THE POLAR EXPRESS Train Ride. Wensleydale Railway and PNP Events were not involved with THE POLAR EXPRESS at Weardale and Wensleydale is the only licensed railway to hold THE POLAR EXPRESS in Yorkshire.

  • Is the train pulled by a steam engine?

    Yes, we schedule a steam engine to pull the Polar Express. Seems only right doesn’t it? The only time we won’t is due to circumstances beyond our control, where we reserve the right to use a substitute engine as required to ensure the event continues.

  • Does the train move or is it stationary?

    Yes, the train does move. You will be onboard for approximately 1 hour as you travel to and from the north pole. There may need to be movements backwards and forwards due to caribou or frozen lakes.

  • How long does the experience last?

    The experience lasts about an hour on the train and then as long as you need in Santa’s Workshop after. We advise arriving at the park and ride no earlier than 45 minutes before your booked train departure time.

  • Cookie and Hot Chocolate Allergy Information

    Our delicious hot chocolate contains milk. We are also able to supply an alternative made from non-dairy milk.

    Our cookies contain a number of potential allergens including gluten, milk, soya and eggs. They don’t contain nuts or sesame but nuts and sesame are used in other products made in the same bakery. Full details will be supplied when served. We will offer an alternative free from many allergens, but unfortunately we may not be able to accomodate all possible allergies.

    You can indicate allergies on your booking and we will try source an alternative to suit your requirements but no guarantees on suitability can be made. You are welcome to bring an alternative with you for members of your party who have allergies.

  • How to Prepare for THE POLAR EXPRESS™ Train Ride

    What should I wear for THE POLAR EXPRESS™?

    We encourage our guests, young and old to wear pyjamas just as in the book with a dressing gown for good measure also. Children love it and if you can persuade our older guests, Mums, Dads, Granny and Grandpa to also join in, the atmosphere in the train comes alive for a truly magical experience!

    For the safety of our guests we ask that they wear sturdy, closed toed shoes and not slippers, open toed shoes, flip-flops etc.

    What should I bring?

    Don’t forget your A4 paper ticket with details of your carriage and seat numbers! You will also need your golden tickets on board THE POLAR EXPRESS™ so don’t forget these! Tickets are sent out to arrive no later than two weeks before your booked train. If you haven’t received yours 2 weeks prior to your departure date, please contact our elves.

    This is a magical experience that you will want to cherish forever, so we recommend bringing a camera. Be sure to share your best memories with us on our Twitter and Facebook profiles too so we can share the magic!  

    As you will be outside when boarding and departing THE POLAR EXPRESS™ we ask that you dress appropriately for the weather conditions.

  • How To Get Here / Parking

    The event takes place in Leeming Bar at Wensleydale Railway.


    Please arrive at Leeming Bar Services DL8 1DT (Rest area). From here you will be able to board our park and ride bus to the railway. 



    Remember, it’s December!

    As the event takes place in December please do prepare for wintry road conditions. Remember this is England, weather can vary dramatically, however this event will run no matter the weather conditions even in rain and snow.  

    PNP Events and Wensleydale Railway are not liable for any road closures or delays. No refunds are given if we run the train as advertised but you miss it due to weather conditions or any other reason beyond our control.

  • Tickets and Prices


    How can I buy tickets?

    All tickets are sold online. You cannot order tickets via phone or in person. We accept all major credit and debit cards as payment and we use Stripe as our payment processor.  

    How much do the tickets cost?

    Our tickets are priced depending on date and time as per our ticketing page

    To find out more about our Standard and Premium tickets …..

    Are there discounts available?

    Due to the popularity of the event, there are no discounts available.

    What is the classification for tickets?

    Adults are 16 and over on the day of the event.

    Children are 2 years old to 15 years old on the day of the event.

    Children under 2 years can travel for £3 (to cover the cost of their bell) but must be held on an adult’s lap at all times when on the train, no seat will be allocated for under 2’s. Proof of age may be asked for on the day.

    Are tickets sent to me in the post?

    Yes, we aim to post tickets no later than 2 weeks before the event.

    I have lost my tickets.

    If you have lost your tickets these will not be resent. Therefore, on the day of the event, you must print and show your order confirmation. If you can’t find the order confirmation in your inbox, please check your spam folder, if you still don’t have it, please contact us.

    Can I purchase a Mug/Bell separately to my order?

    Sorry, we cannot sell the Mugs, Bags or Bells separately. Bells are provided to all passengers. Mugs are provided to all Premium passengers. Subject to availability, a different design of mug may be available in the Gift Shop at the venue exit.


    Are tickets transferable?

    There is a £10 fee for any changes to the order (Including but not limited to Name, Address, Date, Time etc)

    If you sell your tickets the £10 admin charge needs to be paid by you to change the name and address.

    There will be NO changes to any tickets after 30th September.


    If you decide to cancel your order for any reason the following charges apply. We will take extenuating circumstances into account.


    Before 31st August – £10 charge

    Between 1st September – 30th September – 25% charge

  • Is this event accessible to those with disabilities?

    Is the railway suitable for guests with disabilities?

    Whilst we are a heritage railway, we aim to try and accommodate those with disabilities as best as we can. All our platforms are surfaced to be easy to walk on. Do please be aware there are some areas where the surface is slightly uneven.  

    Are there disabled toilets available?

    Yes, we have toilets available for our disabled guests. Should you wish to use the facilities please ask a member of staff who will be happy to guide you to them.

    Can wheelchair users board the train whilst in their wheelchair?

    Unfortunately due to the design of our heritage coaches we are unable to accomodate wheelchairs. If the wheelchair user is able to climb a step, and walk a short distance we can assist in boarding. Wheelchairs will be transferred to the arrival station ready for when you get off.


    Is there any parking for guests with disabilities?

    All passengers are requested to use our accessible park and ride service, there is no suitable disabled parking on site.